The name of this blog is Redacacia because I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge. Red Acacia or Acacia Seyal (also known as Shittim wood or Shittim tree) is the the most important supplier for gum arabic, a natural polysaccharide, that drips out of the cracks of the bark and solidifies. So here’s the symbolism: arabic gum, the gluing element that solidifies. I like to think of myself  as a type of glue, the one who likes to glue together knowledge, and share it. I may never invent something completely new. I may give a new twist to the wheel, but it will be nonetheless a wheel… So it is so simple as that!

4 Responses to About

  1. Franc says:

    Appreciate your work here sir, I’m interested in your finite state car security FPGA projects.

    I’m using spartan 3e now, will the code be the same as spartan 3 you were using?

    Also, I’m trying to figure out how about using external switch on a project board to demonstrate the door, alarm power and sensor condition, and also a buzzer as alarm output. Could you help me? About pin configuration and where do I hook the switches and buzzer?

    Thank you.

    • Tayeb says:

      Welcome to my blog. With Digilent products the best way to connect is with Pmod addons. There are many Pmod available including those that woud help you to demonstrate your application.

  2. Franc says:

    Thank you, but I’m planning to jury ridge the switches by myself, without using aftermarket addon. Is it possible to hookup external switch to spartan 3 board? Does the board had some sort of I/O pin?

  3. Anton Worter says:

    Tayeb: Saw your post on micro:bit depot. Your work at Red Acacia is brilliant.
    We’re gonna to try fabbing it in 2019 when micro:bit distribution begins again.

    Thought you might be interested in this:

    Makesong™ – Singing in Code, for micro:bit and Makeblock, on Kobo
    anthae360.wordpress.com has the press release and other useful links.
    We’re working diligently on social networks to generate a viral marketing buzz.
    There are 11,000 US middle schools, and 1,500,000 micro:bits for this workbook,
    and Makeblock is one of the biggest robotic/coding education vendors in the world.
    Also if you’d like to announce this to your purchasers and subscribers, please do so!

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