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BBC micro:bit Robot Controlled with Swipe Gestures on Android Phone

Introduction The Micro Bit also referred to as BBC Micro Bit, stylised as micro:bit is an ARM-based embedded system designed by the BBC for use in computer education. In my previous tutorial I showed how to read temperature with a purpose written app in App Inventor for Android phone that connects to … Continue reading

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Controlling a Robot with Gestures on the Air with Leap Motion Controller

Introduction For decades, motion controls have held a persistent place in our visions of the future. We’ve watched the super heroes, mad scientists, and space cowboys of popular media control digital experiences with just a wave of their hands. We’ve … Continue reading

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BlackBerry 10 Accelerometer Sensor ”AccelMote” Control of a Robot

Introduction Smartphones running BlackBerry 10 have many sensors that collect data about the phone’s external environment. Some are low-level, real-time sensors such as the accelerometer, and others are higher-level, event-driven sensors, like the holster sensor. The following sensors are present in … Continue reading

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Ethernet Relay Control with Blackberry Playbook

Introduction Nowadays it is quite easy to implement Ethernet relay control of devices connected to a 10/100 network. An Ethernet relay board connects to the ethernet port of your local network hub, allowing controlled switching from anywhere on the network. … Continue reading

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Android Basic Gestures of Swipe to Control a Robot

Introduction Basic gesture of swipe to control movements of a robot can be quite interesting, and may add intuitive interactive dimension to electronic projects. I have published in this blog several tutorials on 8051-based robot controlled with bluetooth-enabled cell phone. … Continue reading

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BlueTerm app for most Android devices

Introduction Having “hacked” into BlueTerm source code to make it work with my HTC clone,  known as A3 Star (HD2 T8585 clone), I thought why not make the mod in order that BlueTerm will function in most Android devices with … Continue reading

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